Programs That Help


Wellspring Program

The Salvation Army's Wellspring program provides advocacy and therapeutic support to assist people out of the life of prostitution for men and women.  The program collaborates with local shelters and treatment programs for groups and individual treatment offered through correctional institutions. 

Those wishing to leave a life of prostitution can come to the Wellspring program without fear of blame or judgment.  The program aims to break the cycle of prostitution through street outreach, pre-treatment regarding substance abuse, services for those in correctional facilities, and supportive family services.  
Wellspring began in 1988 with a small group of concerned Omaha community members and by 1994 it had evolved into a program of The Salvation Army.  Today, many Wellspring clients are referred to the program by the judicial system, correctional centers, human service agencies or probation programs.  Though the primary focus of the Wellspring program is to help clients and their families make a safe and healthy transition out of prostitution, the benefits to the community are considerable.  The program has helped reduce social and economic costs in areas such as law enforcement, public health, and community image. 

Those seeking to break the cycle of prostitution can contact the Salvation Army's Wellspring Program at (402) 898-5900.